Project Volunteers

Become one of 4 volunteers in the European Solidarity Corps project and spend 12 months in the Research Institute of Child Psychology and Patopsychology!

If you are interested in mental health, psychology or related fields, if you want to gain practical experience in working with children, research or management of national projects, then you are the most suitable candidate for voluntary service at our institute.

Thanks to volunteering at VÚDPaP, you will develop professional skills and support your future chances at the labour market. You can choose your activities from the activities of VÚDPaP according to your own area of interest.

What do we offer you?

You can gain experience in one of the following areas:

  • in the field of research and science,
  • in the field of information and education,
  • in the educational and media fields,
  • in the field of direct work with children,
  • in the financial and administrative fields.


What can you get from us?

Become part of the European Voluntary Service at the Children's Psychology and Patopsychology Research Institute and get:

  • practice in a selected area
  • mentoring support at work and outside
  • professional guidance under the supervision of experts who will take care of the support and development of volunteers
  • access to a variety of education and activities
  • space for own initiatives and self-fulfillment

Other benefits of volunteering in VÚDPaP:

  • accommodation and meal allowance (or accommodation provided by VÚDPaP)
  • insurance
  • pocket money on a monthly basis, according to the rules of the European Solidarity Corps
  • reimbursement of travel expenses
  • after completing volunteering activities, you will receive European YouthPass certificate confirming participation in and completion of activities, acquisition of new skills and competences
  • after completing volunteering activities, you will obtain a certificate from the Research Institute of Child Psychology and Patopsychology describing the completed activities.

Who is our listing for?

  • Volunteering activities are intended for 2 young people from Slovakia and 2 young people from abroad up to 30 years of age, who do not currently have the status of employee or full-time student. Volunteering, for example, is suitable for school leavers who want to gain their first professional experience under guidance. Experience of working in humanities and economics is welcome.
  • The selection criteria will focus on the preferred activities of the applicants; the contribution of the activities to their further professional and personal life. The applicants are ready to volunteer for 12 months.

How to apply?

  1. You need to register at and you need to be assigned the so-called Participant Reference Number. This step is essential for the administrative treatment of volunteering. 
  2. By 7.11.2022 at 12.00, it is necessary to send to the following address
    • curriculum vitae with consent to the processing of personal data 
    • letter of motivation
  1. Then, please fill out the following form:
  2. We will send information on the next procedure and on the date of the selection procedure.

In case of need for further information, the contact person is Mgr. Marcela Glasová, email: